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Truckload / LTL / LCL / Intermodal / Fulfillment / Harbor Supply Chain

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GL Freight is a freight broker offering a complete logistics program including warehousing, truckload, ltl, lcl, intermodal and harbor supply chain for domestic and international shipments

GL Freight Management provides the most comprehensive transportation logistics program in the industry. Our experience and dedication combined has resulted in a record breaking 98% on time product deliverability within the best time frame and budget. GL Freight Management offers flexible solutions to meet the transportation requirements for businesses both large and small. Communication is our job.

Virtual Traffic Office

Incorporated into all of our services, the Virtual Traffic Office features versatile transportation strategies and adjustment solutions, including EDI 204, 214, 210, and 990. We offer a load optimization computer program that builds virtual pallets with over 100 different configurations upon entering your pallet size. To learn more about our Virtual Traffic Office services, click here...

Pooled Distribution Pool distribution is when we consolidate all of your company's less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments destined for a specific region into one truck that delivers directly to one of our many break bulk centers located thoughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. By LTL, your product is driven and delivered to customers residing in these particular regions. An LTL program like this typically runs on a schedule, hence improving customer satisfaction through standard scheduled deliveries. To learn more about our pooled distribution services, click here...


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Intermodal ServiceIntermodal is a great cost saving method for effectively moving your 20', 40', 48' and 53' containers. Ocean container transport. Expedited service available. To learn more about our intermodal services, click here...

Harbor Supply ChainOur Harbor Supply Chain services offer complete logistic support, from pickup at manufacturer to delivery to end user. Track container movement, schedule and verify harbor supply chain appointments. Coordinate drayage at dock after off loading from vessel. Advise customer regarding rules and regulations. In-house harbor supply chain Customer House Brokerage. Great harbor supply chain service at competitive rates. Bonded warehousing. Bonded transportation. Cross docking. To learn more about our Harbor Supply Chain services, click here...

Ground ServiceSpecializing in ground truckload transportation throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, GL Freight offers truckload transportation management solutions that surpasses normal corporate trucking and intermodal companies. We provide truckloads of any size carrier with contracted year-round rates. Acting as an extension of your company, your personal account manager will secure the truckload equipment in the time-frame required to meet your less-than-truckload (LTL) spotted trailers, full live-truckload, drop and pull trailers and container destinations. Personal account managers also assist with bill of lading preparation and scheduled pick-up and deliveries of your truckload goods. Our back office support team updates your daily reports showing pick-up schedules, location of truckload shipments enroute and truckload deliveries previoulsy made. Truckload status may be viewed here online at any time. To learn more about our ground services, click here...

Specialized ServiceCustom bonded, (I.T. and T.E.), oversize, over weight, over height and hazardous material shipments handled. GL Freight arranges all required equipment including bond(s), escort cars, cranes and forklift. We ensure that all required documents are properly completed and submited, and that transits meet local, state and federal requirements. To learn more about our specialized services, click here...


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